The Best TV Drama in the World


TV is one of the entertainment that is commonly used by citizens throughout the world. There are many TV shows that have been broadcast by various television channels. Some are liked, but some are not liked. What programs do people like in the world like? Here are the best TV shows in the world:

  • The Legacy

This TV program originated in Denmark, told about a conflict between brothers. Not only your dispute, but also making peace with you. The event also shows the beauty and coldness of the Danish countryside.

  • The Bridge

This drama comes from Scandinavia, tells the story of two detectives who try to solve criminal cases. This drama has entered its third season and fans demand to see the fourth season of the drama.

  • House of Cards

The drama is from America, telling about Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood who was an influential American congressman who at the beginning was promised the Secretary of State chair by the new elected President of the United States, Garrett Walker but was suddenly unilaterally canceled. This event is an adaptation of an English novel of the same name.

  • Game of Throne

The American drama has been running for seven years since 2011 and the last season aired in 2017 and it is likely that there will still be a continuation because it hasn’t finished yet. Game Of Throne tells the story of politics involving the throne in an empire in Westeros (a fictitious continental name in ASOIAF), Iron throne of Seven Kingdoms.

The struggle for this throne came up after the death of Jon Arryn, hand of the king. The reigning king, Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) finally asked Eddard ed Ned ’Stark (Sean Bean) to take the position. Ned Stark is a leader in a northern region of Westeros called Winterfell, his title is Lord of Winterfell.

  • Fargo

The drama aired in 2014, tells the story of various crimes in Minnesota. All of these events will remind us of the original film despite having a vague relationship. Both have a common premise, namely about a salesman who hides a crime. As a series detective, Fargo does not provide a mystery that makes me curious, because we already know what happened and who did it.

This series actually builds audience tension with how the twists and turns of the mystery are solved.

  • Catasthrope

The English drama was broadcast in 2015, telling a story about lovers who had an unplanned pregnancy. This drama has amazing dynamics, combined with funny, rude and sharp dialogue that makes this skit a success.

  • Better Call Saul

The next best TV show is better call, this drama is prequel and the spin-off of TV series Breaking bad. Breaking bad itself is an American TV series that aired from 2008-2013. Tells the story of a High School Chemistry Teacher in America who was hit by cancer and tried to raise money by making drugs so that when he died, his family already had savings.

IN Breaking Bad, Saul Godman is a lowly but smart lawyer who frees defendants such as drug dealers, thieves and criminals. Because the audience likes the action on breaking bad, finally the producer created his own drama.

  • Wolf Hall

Wolfhall drama is an adaptation of the same English novel published by BBC in 2015. Wolf Hall tells the story of medieval England. That was the best TV drama in the world, is there your favorite drama?

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How to Care for Children Well


Children are a mandate from God. Then it is not light that the burden of the parents who have received the trust from God. And because of the mandate, it should be maintained and cared for in accordance with the message of the giving party, which in this case is Allah SWT. For this reason, we as parents are required to nurture and guide our children to Religion in accordance with nature (human instincts) so that they have noble character and become devoted human beings.

They are like white paper. It is we who will give the color of the painting what we want. As Tabularasa’s Theory, where it is evident that children who have lived in a Jewish environment since childhood will become Jews, those who live in a Christian environment will also become Christians, Mothers and so on.

Therefore caring for children should start early, because the development of the child’s soul has begun to grow since he was small, according to his nature. Thus, we channel the nature of humans, we guide and we direct to the path that should be in accordance with its direction. Because as parents and teachers (educators in schools) must really know that so much responsibility to Allah’azza wa jalla for the education of their children.

Procedures for good parenting:

1. Behavior Formation Through Habit of Actions Since Children Are Still Small

A famous failusuf, Charles Reade, said: “Even though you reap a habit, you habit and you reap a character, character and you reap a destiny,” which means freely, “If we are sure will be something of a view or mind so plant that thought in an act, then you will reap (get results) which is called behavior.


2. Parental authority

The two things that have been explained before, namely about “Exemplary Examples” and “Familiarizing Behavior from Childhood,” are very closely related to the problem of PARENTS ‘AUTHORITY. Children will imitate the example of parents and want to carry out behaviors that are accustomed to parents’ instructions, if all of them feel reluctant to parents.

As a result of reluctance to the authority of the parents arises a sense of obedience and full submission willingly and peacefully. But when the child does not have a sense of reluctance to parents, that is the sign that parents do not have authority in the presence of the child. If the “Authority” and the authority of the parent is gone or has faded, the child will be “screwed up” because no one is “feared”.

3. Clever Parenting

Parenting is an art too. Even though there are also methodologies, the pedagogics are equipped with general psychology, child psychology, or educational psychology, but because they are faced with children who have souls, and besides their mental and spiritual conditions are different, then without art, education is less successful . Until herein lies the need for the nature of wisdom in caring for children. Parenting is clearly not synonymous with authoritarianism, nor is it synonymous with paternalistic, which protects the students too much. Although these two traits are sometimes needed, the application should be in accordance with the conditions of the child and the atmosphere of the events that occur.

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Five Reasons Why You Must Have a Mentor


Maybe you are curious about the term “mentor” or maybe sometimes intersect with this interesting profession. When you find out the benefit of having a mentor, you might come to the question, “Do I need a mentor?”

To find out whether you need a mentor or not, along with the reasons, maybe we should start from understanding what a mentor means. In general, a mentor is a kind of mentor who is ready to help you achieve certain goals privately. In addition to providing special material, they also give suggestions so that you continue to be motivated in realizing what you aspire to.

Some people can learn and motivate themselves. But not for others. Therefore, let’s look at the following description to detect whether you need a mentor or not. This information can also make you know about the strategic functions of the mentor in reaching a certain agenda.

1. Possible Experts Against New Science

Maybe you want to wrestle with an online business, but you are still unfamiliar with the details. On the other hand, the need to sell online continues to be intense and you really want to do it in a fast and effective way. In this situation, having a mentor is very important to help you become proficient in running an online business.

Even so, you must realize that the mentor is not a magician who can make you become proficient in a blink of an eye. Instead you have to take various easy and interesting methods of education, so you can master certain areas of expertise in a short time.

2. Having friends

Learning and fighting alone might be boring, even tiring. The existence of a mentor will make you get new friends who are fun and reliable. Not only limited to professional work relationships, you can build friendships with mentors even outside of mentoring matters.

Besides being a reliable friend, the mentor will also be your main supporter, where he is not just praising or commenting. Furthermore, he will provide a lot of positive support along with a number of solutions.

3. Moved to Continue Learning

Interaction with a professional mentor will always keep you excited about learning. This may often be underestimated, but we will indeed be more excited if we have partners who care and never give up whatever our conditions are. Learning is sometimes boring. So the presence of a mentor will be very useful for the way to achieve goals without having to be hampered by laziness.

4. Learn to Become a Mentor

When you have a mentor, then get lots of good lessons from the mentor, maybe someday you can become a mentor. This is called regeneration, where the mentor will voluntarily teach you how to be a good mentor. Don’t you also want to be useful and a solution for others? So be excited to learn mentoring from your teacher.

5. Bring Lots of Money

Besides being a useful human, being or having a mentor will make you a lot of money in a pleasant profession. Mentor is a service business that supports the ideals of many people. Therefore, when the client is satisfied with your service, surely you will be paid high, and will have a wider relationship.

Thus information about the Five Reasons Why You Must Have a Mentor. Finally, keep your spirit to learn and establish pleasant relationships within the scope of beneficial learning.

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